5 Healthcare precautions to take while COVID-19 exists

During the calamity in which the world is surrounded nowadays, it is very crucial to take care of your health at the best. Normally, we all feel anxiety in critical phases of our life like during an exam, heavy workload, or while taking important decisions. In the lockdown situation for a few months, the anxiety level has risen in people. But an anxiety disorder is something serious. People suffering from health conditions that are not normal like that of attention deficit disorder (ADD) caused by inattention and impulsiveness, are more likely to suffer with anxiety. Such disorders should be treated timely either by taking ADD treatments or ADD medicines. Such medicines include stimulants, non-stimulants, and antidepressants but individuals should consult relevant doctors. While it is essential to maintain better healthcare during the existence of COVID-19 as it can be transmitted easily. Listed below are the five healthcare precautions measures people should take while this virus exits. The essential healthcare measures  

As this novel virus is very contagious so it is important to realize that you have to take several measures to prevent its spread. It includes washing hands properly, wearing masks, preventing close contact with ill people, and avoiding touching your face or specifically eyes. Also, cover sneeze or cough by using a tissue and dispose it of in a proper way. Try to maintain social as well as physical distance from others because you never know whether the other person is carrying the virus or not, so safety is better. 

  1. Cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces

Cleaning with the help of detergent and warm water can remove the dirt particles but during the outbreak caused by COVID-19, it is essential to clean as well as disinfect the surfaces. Disinfection is a method that will decrease the number of microorganisms so that the risk of transmission can be minimized. The disinfectant material including chlorine dioxide or hypochlorite solutions used to destroy the viruses. Try to frequently disinfect the highly touched surfaces of your surrounding like doorknobs, tables, shelves, light switches, handles, phones, keyboards, and touch screens. So it is very crucial for your healthcare to not only cleaning your surrounding but also disinfecting them. 

  1. If you are already suffering from chronic diseases

If an individual is already suffering from chronic illness like heart or kidney disease, or cancer, diabetes they should regularly in touch with their doctors for maintaining better healthcare. It is recommended that people should limit their visit to the hospital to limit the burden over there but they can use telehealth services to be in touch with their physician. Such a facility is planned for having a direct connection between patients and their doctors so that reachable and appropriate healthcare service is provided to the individuals. 

  1. Having mild illness

Lots of people face mild illness these days but instead of going to the hospitals which are already crowded with severely ill patients, people treat themselves at home and can recover. Self-isolation is better healthcare, call a doctor and separate yourself from others at home, use separate household items like plates, spoons, glass, cups (using disposable one is the best option) towels and bedding as well. Wash items properly using hot water and detergents.

  1. If you have to go out during an emergency

During this pandemic, it is highly suggested to maintain social distance and avoid going out but in case of an emergency, you have to follow a few guidelines for having a safe visit. Wear a face mask and gloves, try to maintain social distance from others, avoid touching your eyes and face, and don’t forget to wash your hands properly for around 20 seconds.