HBO Max Has a Lot of Classic Content. Here Are the Shows and Movies to Watch First

Frankie T. Smith

On May 27, WarnerMedia enters the streaming wars with HBO Max. The streaming platform boasts 10,000 hours of content, including a slate of original programming and a back catalog of HBO originals, franchise films, TV shows and more.

HBO Max, which costs $14.99 per month, arrives about half a year after the wildly successful Disney+ and the less successful Apple TV+, on the heels of on-the-go mobile streamer Quibi and just ahead of NBC’s debut of Peacock in July. It also lands while many people continue to stay at home as social distancing measures remain in place or are tentatively lifted—a time that’s brought both a big spike in streaming and a fallow period for real-time TV and movie theaters.

Exactly how HBO Max will fit into the streaming landscape remains to be seen, but so far WarnerMedia’s strategy seems to rely on a limited number of originals

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The Ghost Inside Return 5 Years After a Fatal Bus Accident Almost Killed Them

Frankie T. Smith

No matter how great The Ghost Inside’s new self-titled album may be, the unfortunate truth is they’ll likely always be known for something they had no control over: A 2015 bus crash outside of El Paso, Texas that killed two people and severely injured the entire band.

For more than two years after the accident, the future of the band was unclear. The Los Angeles-based rockers were never going to be the same after the traumatic accident. In 2018, however, they decided to continue as making music as a unit.

Following a hometown return show last year that sold out so quickly they moved it into the parking lot to meet demand, singer Jonathan Vigil and the rest of the group announced they were working on new music and would play more shows in 2020. Unfortunately, the global pandemic postponed all but the first of The Ghost Inside’s second set

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When will travel return? Predictions for cruises, international destinations, tours and more

Frankie T. Smith

Covid-19 has put the travel to a halt. While experts agree the tourism industry remains in flux, there are early signs of adaptation and resilience that are fueling consumer confidence. 

While most Americans aren’t yet ready to book their next dream vacation, they are starting to browse. This past week, top booking sites have grown web traffic. Roughly 87% of American travelers are hoping to take a vacation by the end of 2021, according to a new customer poll by InsureMyTrip

While there are safety challenges ahead, there remains a strong desire to visit other parts of the world – eventually. Here’s some predictions on when travelers will actually be able to do it. 

Safe summer vacation ideas:  ‘Find the place that everyone isn’t going to’

Road trips 

Rebound potential: Very high

Road trips and staycations will be first in line for a rebound. RVShare, a rental marketplace

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20 amazing ways to explore the world’s oceans

Frankie T. Smith

Thirty years ago, when Nasa published its iconic “Pale Blue Dot” image taken from the orbiting spacecraft Voyager 1, people were amazed and humbled by the unique perspective on Earth – a tiny speck in an unfathomably vast cosmos. Even more striking was the colour, demonstrating that most of our planet’s surface is sea. Five distinct bodies of water swirl, swell and constantly shape our continents, connecting to create one giant ocean that influences nearly everything we do. At its greatest depths, the abyss is more alien than Mars, but even dipping a few feet beneath the surface is like a voyage into another world. 

From colossal whales to psychedelic micro-organisms, its charismatic inhabitants are ceaselessly fascinating, while its topgraphy – a playground of submerged caves, sinkholes and mountain ridges – is exhilarating to explore. Above all, the ocean can heal and soothe through the sound of waves crashing on … Read More