Emergency Room Travel Nursing Jobs and the Things You Need to Know About It

Emergency Room Travel Nursing Jobs | Cross Country Nurses

Emergency rooms are often full of people who need immediate assistance and nurses assisting them are not enough. Travel nurse agencies are calling the attention of all qualified nurses who want to become emergency room travel nurses because medical facilities all over the world need you. If you are a nurse who specializes in emergencies such as trauma, severe medical conditions, or any situations that require urgent attention then you can apply to the travel nurse agency near you for emergency room travel nursing jobs.

Things You Need to Know About Travel ER RN Jobs

Duties of ER Travel Nurse

They are responsible to attend to patients who are in emergencies and they have to administer medications that can help stabilize the condition of the patient as well as minimizing the pain the patient is suffering from. It’s always a busy shift but ER nurses are always high spirited to attend to each patient who needs them. 

Salary Rate

Salary ranges from $2,300 to $2,800 per week just like other travel nurse jobs, pay for emergency room travel nurse jobs is higher than regular Er nurses. With all the responsibilities they have to do, their pay should be able to compromise it. Pay often depends on your expertise for instance for peds ER travel nurse jobs (pediatric ER travel nurse jobs) and traveling ER tech jobs can get different salary rates. 

Apart from the basic pay other benefits are also given such as:

  • Quality Housing

Housing is free when you opt to work as an ER travel nurse, they know the hardship of being away from home so they provide a place you can call your home while working with them. In this way, you can have a good rest after your shift and be ready to work again the next day 

  • Insurances

Insurances are important for travel nurses especially with their nature of work they are more prone to acquiring illnesses that can affect their health, as well as risk, is higher because of their work. That’s why health and life insurance can help them a lot just in case they will be needing financial assistance in unexpected happenings. Retirement Plan is also offered to every ER travel nurse who wants to avail of it, you can choose from plans that suit your needs and start the plan immediately on the first day of employment. Getting these insurances can help ER travel nurses secure their future as well as make them worry less about their future. 

Requirements on Becoming an ER Travel Nurse 

  • License

To be able to qualify as an ER travel nurse you should be a registered nurse in your State, you have two choices to be able to become one. You can take up an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) or Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) after finishing one of the courses you have to pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN). 

  • Experience 

Once you are already a licensed RN you can now start earning experiences by applying to medical facilities that need your expertise. Take note that one or two years of experience is needed to be qualified as an ER travel nurse. Apart from experiences, certifications can also give more credentials for you and can make you stand out from other candidates. Work well and practice your profession at your best to be able to earn certificates. 

  • Flexibility

As an ER travel nurse, you will often be put in a pressured situation. You should be flexible enough to adjust to the needs of your patients as well as stay calm even if everyone else is panicking. Being flexible can help you control your emotions and instead administer the necessary medications for your patients. 

Taking the opportunity for emergency room travel nursing jobs that travel nurse agencies offer can be a good start for you to make your career bigger as well as grow personally. If you wish to become one better start qualifying yourself now by getting the experience needed or if you think you fit the qualifications then contact your nearest travel nurse agencies and talk to them about your interest in becoming an ER travel nurse and they will gladly assist you.