Enjoy Weekend with Muay Thai in Thailand at beautiful island

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When it comes to planning a weekend gateway on a beautiful island, you have to go through several processes that make your weekend more enjoyable. 

A long weekend trip to the Island would give you a chance to rejuvenate. Remove the routine stress level and give your brain more space to rest during the weekend holiday. Leaving your home and work during the holiday would give you the freedom to live your life on your terms. No deadlines, no phone calls, and no bothering people around you. The whole time you will stay with your thoughts. 

To help you in planning a long weekend holiday, we have shortlisted some of the essential tips to get the most out of your holiday. 

1) Plan your budget: 

Before you decide the location, settle the discussion about the budget. People generally decide the location first and then check their budget. Nothing wrong with this method, but when you have a short budget, you cannot dream about a long weekend in an exotic location. Many exotic locations are costly. Set your budget and then search for a location for a weekend holiday. 

2) Book accommodation in Advance 

When you book your accommodation in advance, you would get the opportunity to buy the services at a low price. You can save money on your travel and use that saved money on something else. 

3) Have a rough plan for the day 

Planning your day would give control over your day. However, you should not stress it during planning. Why rough plan? because when you are on holiday, it is easy to drive away in the surrounding beauty of the place. If you do not have a rough plan, you will miss several other things that you could have to enjoy during your holiday. 

4) Plan Activities 

These days knowing what are activities that you can do during the vacation is easy. You can do online research and find out what people have experienced when they traveled to the destination where you plan to visit. List down the recommended activities and set your plan in advance. Planning would give you a chance to manage your time effectively. You will be able to manage your day and enjoy the holiday time to the fullest. 

5) Learn New Skill 

Many tourist destinations organize the camp for the traveler to participate in the local training program. For example, the Thailand island is known for its traditional martial art training program name “Muay Thai”. Thailand is popular for the beautiful beach and fitness program. People who are dealing with obesity can also join the Muay Thai training camp such as http://www.muaythai-thailand.com to participate in the weight loss program.  

You will be able to save money on the room during the camp visit as all the Muay Thai program comes with the living space for the participants. Your accommodation will be done in the training camp at the cheapest price. 

6) Let everyone know that you are on vacation 

Letting people in your office and clients know that you are on holiday during particular days would keep them away during the holiday. You may not like to attend the phone calls on the holiday. It might have unwanted stress on you, so you should let others know that you would not be available on the call.  


Weekend gateway planning gives you a complete idea about how the journey would look like in advance. You can plan your day and stay on track during the holiday to make each moment worth remembering. The beautiful tropical island of Thailand would give you a strong reason to stay and enjoy your holiday time.  

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