Kaskade Gets Nostalgic for Om Records Golden Days on ‘When I’m With You’ With Colette

Frankie T. Smith

Some songs are like time travel. You drop the needle on your favorite record, close your eyes and fall into a golden memory. Deep house producer and international DJ Kaskade took that formula one further.

His new single, “When I’m With You,” featuring warm vocals from longtime friend and collaborator Colette, transports us back to Kaskade’s early days working at Om Records in the early 2000s.

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“The world was changing, tech was changing, music was changing and we were on the cusp of this whole thing,” he says over the phone. “That whole 10 years I lived in San Francisco, it was just beautiful chaos. All these new ideas happening, and I think when there’s that much going on, it sparks for good art.”

“When I’m With You” is one of 26 songs on a new compilation that

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