What is Bucharest famous for? 24 Hours on the Capital of Romania

What is Bucharest famous for? 24 Hours on the Capital of Romania

24 hours in the capital of Romania is more than enough to discover all that is Bucharest famous for. Even though, once was a communist city, Bucharest has a lot of stylish buildings where the influence of Western architecture, makes it an engaging combination to see. If you have wondered what to visit in Bucharest in just one day, we will show you the highlights of the capital of Romania. Furthermore, we will make sure to mention some interesting facts that is Bucharest famous for. Well…let’s get started!

What is Bucharest known for?

In the Old Town of Bucharest, you can discover the history of Bucharest

The capital of Romania – Bucharest, has lots of charming lanes where you have the opportunity you discover the history on every step. The post-communist city is growing so fast, along with commercial and industrial centers.  We can really say that Bucharest is a mixture of ancient buildings, communist buildings, and modern ones. The city offers many hidden cafés, misremembered architectural treasures on the different corners. The architectural differences make the city of Bucharest unique. Below are some more reasons why you should visit Bucharest.

The Parliament Palace is the world’s second-largest building in the world (after Pentagon)

The palace often it is called the house of the people, is the largest building in Europe, and the second-largest in the world (after Pentagon). The Palace of Parliament has approximately four million square feet and one thousand rooms.  The building contains the Romanian Parliament, council, the chamber of deputies, three museums, and an international gathering center. It is considered the heaviest building in the world.

A tour inside the Parliament of Bucharest is allowed and you should definitely add it to the list of ‘must-see places’ in Bucharest, due to the hugeness. One of the most paradoxical things we heard is that in the Communism era people were so damn poor they could only eat well if they had some relatives living in the villages. One of the most interesting things we heard is that Bucharest had no electricity for a few hours every day in order to save money. The strange thing is that at the time Parliament was built, the palace had gold, Swarovski crystals, and extravagance furniture.

The cutest construction in the city of Romania’s Capital 

Stavropoleos Church (an orthodox church) lies inside of the Old Town. They say that it was built by a Greek monk in the 13th century.

The architecture of the church is a mixture of Romanian and Byzantine elements. The courtyard with candles will take you away from the city’s hustle and bustle for a moment. The monastery itself is a calm and peaceful place, where you can make a stop and just meditate. If you are counting the best sites of Bucharest, you need to know, that the Stavropoleos Church is the most good-looking building in the whole city.

Bucharest is often called ‘Little Paris’

In some parts of the city, you can easily see the French influence on the buildings. Furthermore, as it’s the capital of Romania automatically makes it a cultural center of the country. When you visit Bucharest and you are taking the road from the airport, you will see the Triumphal Arch. Called ‘Eastern Paris’ – Bucharest has its own Arc de Triomphe – that was built in 1935 to honor the unification of Romania.  In other words, Bucharest is also known as the center of nightlife in Romania. Bucharest nightlife is energetic and fun. Most of the bars and clubs are centered in the city. Why not go and enjoy some pub crawl?

The most picturesque bookshops in Bucharest:

Restored in the 1900s, with beautiful buildings, with white stairs that look like a carousel, is definitely one of the most amazing bookshops I have ever seen in my life. The nature of design is minimal, and what it takes to look very picturesque is the contrast of colorful books. On Strada Lipscani 55 street, you will find The Carturesti Bookstore. The prices are very high there, so I definitely wouldn’t recommend buying anything there, but you should definitely get in and take a few pictures, when you are visiting Romania’s capital, Bucharest.

Super quick Internet and Leaders in the IT Industry

Besides other things, having one of the fastest internet connections in Europe is one thing that Bucharest is well known. Having such a fast internet speed, it allowed them to have a huge development in the department of It.  A lot of international companies such as IBM have opened their offices in Bucharest, and also because of the fact that Romanians are traditionally great in programming languages. In Microsoft, Romanian is second only to English, as the most spoken language.

Bucharest’s Parks

There are many beautiful parks in Romania, especially in Bucharest. You can find the Parcul Izvor or Cismigiu park right in the center of Bucharest, located in front of Parliaments Palace. But besides them there are also other parks around the city as well, places where you could go for a picnic or for a walk, to enjoy the beauty of Bucharest.

Bucharest is not expensive

Now, we will be very honest with you. Romania’s capital, Bucharest is not the typical example of a capital city in Europe. The very difficult communism period still has its remains in the city architecture, and the glory of Paris of the East time has long time passed. But a lot of people visit Bucharest, so why people come here for? 

There are lots of reasons but low prices are one of them. Bucharest is a really affordable city. 0.63 cents are the cost of a one-way ticket on the bus in the whole city. For one liter of beer for example you will have to pay 1.5 euros. Having dinner is also very cheap in Bucharest, on average 5 euros per person, in most of the restaurants.

Bucharest’s Dracula Castle

Dracula’s Castle is another reason why so many tourists choose Bucharest as their destination. There are plenty of castles in Romania, but the Bran castle takes the spotlight, especially on a one-day trip. It is an hour’s car ride from Bucharest, in during the way there you are accompanied by beautiful mountains, lots of other castles, etc. The famous Dracula castle brings Romania over 1 million tourists every year.

When you’re walking in Bucharest squares, it is very easy to forget that outside o the city, there is stunning nature, and there are centuries-old buildings that will blow your mind.