Where Was ‘Ticket to Paradise’ Filmed?

The relevance of location in Ticket To Paradise is inherent in the film’s title. The rom-com, directed by Ol Parker, follows a divorced few (George Clooney and Julia Roberts) to Bali, the place they try to end their daughter from marrying a neighborhood she’s just achieved. The movie, like so several classics of the genre, relies on its aspirational placing to augment the will-they-won’t-they storyline. It follows the characters by lush, tropical islands, to white sand beaches with turquoise water, and around a luxury resort the place every single space has a private infinity pool.

Even though the film is set in Bali, it was not achievable for the production to shoot on place. Instead, they seemed to the coastline of Australia, specially sites all-around Queensland, such as the Gold Coastline and Brisbane, to replicate the aesthetic and vibe of Bali. The workforce, which includes manufacturing designer Owen Paterson, scouted many locations in the region to uncover a collection of authentic-globe spots to pair with set builds developed at Gold Coast Studios. We sat down with Paterson to focus on how Ticket To Paradise’s titular placing came to be.

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George Clooney and Julia Roberts in Ticket to Paradise

Vince Valitutti/Common Photos

How did you build the entire world of the film? What was it like using all of these destinations close to Queensland?

It was actually very a complicated system. We experimented with to make it as invisible as attainable. When you happen to be in an artwork department you’re seeking to convey to a story. Or, we’re telling a fib, if you like, and we’re needing to tell that fib all the way by way of the movie. So the viewers will be advised that they’ve absent to Bali and then they’ll journey with the film and the actors and their tale unfolding in this series of environments that creates a environment that is its very own planet in Bali. It can by no means fairly be Bali, but for our intents and applications it is as shut to Bali as we can make it. But it is our variation for the reason that the camera sees where our DP aims the digicam.

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